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The group was founded by a team of accomplished experts with over 30 years experience in marketing, international legal relationships, diplomacy, international trade and investment facilitation. Over the years, the efficacy of this experience has been proven through our engagements by globally active companies that have benefited from our guidance in the formulation and execution of market entry, expansion and exit strategies.

We listen to our clients with the intent of understanding fully their business needs, the environments of the global markets within which they do business, and securing their desired outcomes and strategic market objectives. Companies we have counseled have benefited from our insight and guidance and gained:
  • Raised Market Intelligence
  • Access to Local Networks
  • Leveraged Cost Effectiveness
  • Relevant and Actionable Solutions to Complex and Multi-dimensional Issues in Challenging Markets
  • Developed Strategies for Revenue Augmentation
  • Our Services

    You can rely on expertise and proven analyzes to find the answers you need and ensure that your business operates efficiently and in a consistent manner.

    Global Consulting

    Global Consulting

    Impactful and reliable consultative services on a full range of common issues arising within the areas of cross-border transactions (trade and investment); foreign government relations (corporate diplomacy and regulatory and compliance management); as well as global market communications.
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    Market Access and Entry Strategies

    Market Access and Entry Strategies

    Consultations on comparative market analyses and assessment; government regulation and barrier assessments; international market segmentation; and political impact assessment.
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    Market Development and Expansion

    Market Development and Expansion​

    For companies with existing market share, consultations on growth strategies and the identification of new markets; and new partner identification and extraction from existing business relationships.
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    Performance Improvement

    Performance Improvement

    The group works with its clients to identify areas of improved financial and product and service-brand performance in overseas markets in these areas.
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    Group Network

    Strong Connections that we have built over the years to help you succeed in  any market. The Grey Griffon Group is determined to bring the right people to maximize the exposure to your business needs. 


    With over 30 years of experience comes a great amount of resources. Here at The Grey Griffon Group are focused to find the right Resources needed to help your business trhive in the international market!
    Business and Professional Writing Services - The Grey Griffon Group LLC

    Business and Professional Writing Services

    Edward is also an author of the book “Business and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia” published by John Wiley & Sons (2016), He has authored numerous articles published in leading magazines and journals such as Forbes, Oil & Gas Journal and the online newspaper The Hill. He has been interviewed on CNN international and CNBC concerning Saudi Arabia and other global business matters.

    Edward Burton is an adjunct professor at Chatham University, a leading institution of higher learning exceling in academic excellence in the area of sustainability and ESG. He has taught the University’s graduate courses: Global Business, Leading Organizations and Projects, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Chatham University’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department.

    When the need arises for any type of business or professional writing services, the team at the Grey Griffon Group are qualified and stand ready to provide an offering of outstanding professional services.

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